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Polished Concrete

Prismatic’s premier polished concrete solutions make a canvas of your floors. Regardless of whether your objective is to achieve high-end elegance, to meet a durability standard in a frequent-use location, or to create a unique statement piece, polished concrete will meet and exceed your expectations. 

limitless potential

Polished concrete transforms ordinary concrete into a stunning, glossy surface through the processes of grinding and polishing. It boasts remarkable durability and offers a versatile and eco-friendly flooring option that requires minimal maintenance. Once used predominantly in institutional and industrial settings, recent years have awoken designers and architects to its virtually limitless potential as a customizable style element in contemporary homes, cottages, offices, and retail spaces.
tailored to match

Customizable Elegance

Prismatic’s polished concrete can be tailored to match any colour or colour combination you desire. Add a touch of individuality by varying the depth of grinding or by embedding or imprinting objects in the concrete to achieve a truly one-of-a-kind effect. Polished concrete is versatile enough to mimic wood, slate, marble, and other traditional construction materials, achieving a classic look with much better longevity and/or a better price point. Alternatively, polished concrete lends itself equally well to the beautifully clean, sleek lines typical of contemporary styles.
professionally installed

Enduring Excellence

When professionally installed by our skilled team, Prismatic’s polished concrete floors can last for decades, far longer than other types of flooring. Calculating this factor into budgeting decisions, polished concrete’s advantages from a cost perspective become clear. Far less vulnerable to abrasions, foot traffic, and staining, polished concrete can also be repolished, rather than replaced, when the time comes for a refresh—meaning much less, and a much shorter, disruption for those using the space.

Dream Installation

Revitalize your space without the need for the upheaval of a full renovation. Our polished concrete provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for transforming your space. And in the unlikely event that your floor sustains some visible damage, polished concrete can be easily and seamlessly patched to have it looking as good as new in no time.

Safe and Clean

Sometimes people suspect that because of its extraordinary shine, a polished concrete floor must be slippery. Rest assured, safety is our top priority. Contrary to that common misconception, polished concrete is no more slippery than standard marble tile.

Prismatic’s polished concrete is not only safe and visually stunning but also easy to maintain. Scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and simple to clean, polished concrete also has the advantage over traditional flooring by being hypoallergenic—promoting a cleaner, more hygienic, and more comfortable space to live and work.
Flooring is just the beginning. Polished concrete can be a distinctive and stunning material to use in a multitude of applications, from countertops and islands to showers, accent walls, and patios. If you have a creative idea in mind and wonder whether it could be executed using polished concrete, give us a call. We’d love to brainstorm the possibilities with you.

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